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voIP services and equipment

We can offer you voIP products and services.
ORB Telemedia can offer pre-paid voIP services and SIP Clients, as well as hardware such as ATA´s and gateways, as a new page on this site, this information will be updated to incorporate our prices and equipments.

What is needed for voIP
A good internet connection, preferably with low latency connections, connectivity of voIP via satellite links is possible and works well, but for best functionality in a business context fixed internet services will more often provide a better service quality. However in some areas fixed services are not available and satellite connectivity can be used instead. We can offer 2-way satellite solutions throughout most of Europe with DIY install kits.
Our voIP services work globally, all you need is an internet connection and sufficient spare bandwidth to place the calls, if your internet connection is always running at max capacity then QoS can be deployed to give voice calls precedence over other traffic types, this is often done when businesses are using real time applications and servers like SAP, so QoS for voIP is not a major deployment issue, we can advise you on setup and equipment.

What is an ATA?
An ATA - analogue telephone adaptor allows you to use a normal phone with your voIP service, its a hardware device that connects to the internet and interfaces traditional phones, some modern DECT phones incorporate both a fixed line port and LAN port so you can combine voIP and landline services on the one device. Some cellphones with data packages will allow you to install an APP to make voice calls using voIP over the data service at rates much cheaper than the cellular calls could ever offer.

Softphones are installed on your PC´s they provide a convenient method to use voIP services using nothing more than your internet connected PC (or Mac) and a headset with microphone. Some popular softphones include xlite, phonerlite, and often voIP firms will provide their own custom softphone.

SIP accounts
ORB Telemedia, can offer you sip accounts, pre-paid with set calling rates, we can define the number of accounts, the routes chosen and the quality, all of these can impact on cost as well as quality, you may as example only need low call quality at lower costs to test lines and circuits, for speaking to customers normal quality suffices, or for the most important vip calls, premium quality is available, this actually equates more to the wholesale side of things that we handle in the background, low quality calling can choose least cost routing based on grey routes,  these sometimes dont connect each and every time but can offer good value for money, white routes normally offer good quality and balanced value, premium routes offer a guarantee on quality and have a premium for this  - one factor to consider that is beyond control, if you are calling from a premium route to someone elses number, they too may be using voIP, if their connection is not robust you may hear disruptions in the call.

voIP fault symptoms
There can be several, echo´s on the line usually indicate a latency problem, robotic sounds, fades and drops indicate a bottleneck somewhere, this could be local or remote, sometimes it is possible to eliminate this if you know you are running software with intense bandwidth usage (pause the program as example), crackles and clicks - not generally a symptom of voIP - sounds that are electrical in nature are usually coming from the headset or handset and its connecting cables - check these are in full working order before continuing to investigate.

Paying for services
Depending on complexity, and number of channels or extensions, ORB offers virtual PABX services, combined with least cost routing and voIP, you can choose whether to prepay for just calls, or whether you add any of our VAS - value added services to your packages. For financial security Escrow is available depending on the transaction size.

The voip price lists and structures are being updated and will be placed appropriately within our site in due course, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff.

Business use or home use
There is no difference to us, we make it simple - we offer the same base tarrifs to both home user and business users alike, business users may choose to add VAS, and may qualify for volume discounts - discussions about volume must be realistic, and can be agreed in advance, if you dont meet an agreed target level then you will default back to the base tarrif, or intermediary discount levels as approriate. If your a householder and want to benefit from business rates, get in touch now.

ORB Telemedia Telecom Services for home and business.