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Our sites are updated on a regular basis, we use both and the smart2check domains, smart2check, is the result of customer feedback and research, is representative of our original site, products and services. If you have any suggestions, requests, we are open to your comments, at the same time, we welcome new business opportunity within the telecoms world, if you have a product or service, and feel we can promote it for you get in touch. Major links within this section are highlighted in red.

Privacy Policy.

Basically, we respect your privacy, we dont sell or share it with anyone else, we collect some usage data for statistical purpose and thats it, the full privacy policy can be seen by clicking here.

Terms and Conditions.

Its all about common sense, telephone calls, traffic, generated or by organic means, should be paid for, traffic that results from hacks or exploits is damaging to the industry, it is usually spotted, rarely goes un-noticed and never gets paid. Dont send hack traffic, it is wasting your time, our time, we contract with our clients, we ask for documentation as required by regulators. To read our full terms and conditions click here.

About Us.

Who is ORB Telemedia, the people behind the scenes, behind the website, want to know a bit more, then click here.


You have some questions, you have concerns, want to know what wecan or cannot do, we try and answer the most common questions on this page. Click here to view the frequently asked questions and answer page.

Using Our Panel
Our panel, is meant to be simple, it is reviewed continuously and updated, improved upon, the concept behind is to make one simple user friendly, self explanatory interface, it is a powerful tool, there is much to know, we go over the main elements to help get you started.

Latest News
Summary output from our mailing lists, when you subscribe to our mailing list, we automatically send you information about our latest solutions, rate changes and new solutions. Our news page contains summary information in case you have recently opened an account and may have missed some offers that are time or volume limited.

Contact Us
A simple form allowing you to email us, including file uploads, if you are a carrier, client, number range owner, end user or new to the business, and want to get started, but need some advice, then we ask you contact us.

Prices - outpayment rates - what you receive when you receive calls by premium rate numbers.
Outpayment prices - our price lists show the ranges and countries as well as the time scale to receive payments, these price lists are also known as rate cards, Americans sometimes call them rate decks, jump to our rate card page and download the latest rate card. The prices listed are per minute this is the money you would receive for taking calls on your premium rate number it is not the cost to call.

Making money using premium rate numbers.
Want to take charge of your own service, then use our white label panel, become our reseller, set your own rates, and market your own campaigns, check your earnings in your account, and manage sub accounts,  or affiliate suitable, say you just have one client under you that client is in your account - set your own margin and earnings are per minute, not per click, not per lead, with our assistance we can get you started.   Get in touch, and we will assist you.

Remember in most cases, you dont need to buy a premium rate number - contact us we will advise you.