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VAS - ORB Telemedia, value added services.

ORB Telemedia offers you a number of value added services.
As an account holder, some services are provided automatically without additional costs, some can be added upon request and special services can be designed and implemented for your business needs, we can also combine services to give you a bespoke service.

For users of our panel, we offer conference services, free of charge, and working pin numbers can be provided on request. Panel users can also have their calls SIP routed, or can request the upload of a custom recording file to be played or looped.
VAS, Panel users get statistics and CDR access.

Combination of services example.
Taking a revenue share number, putting limited access on one of our wholesale routes, and offering a call through service that is competitive in an niche expat market area local to where you are operating.

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ORB Telemedia Telecom Services for home and business.