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Telecom Services
In limited scope we can provide some circuits, and bi-directional satellite internet equipments. Our telecom speciality is providing good accessible numbers for your broadcast, whether its local domestic premium rate numbers, or international numbers that work from specific source regions. These can be used to generate revenue from your audience, alternatively we have memorable and  toll free numbers if your broadcast or advert is more suited to a campaign in which the caller can impulse buy enticed by the attraction of a free phone cal.l.

DVB broadcasting and IP processing equipments, are available, our staff can advise and summary information relating to professional equipments we offer, which include options of own branding will be placed within our website.

Call Centre Services and Content for Channel Operators
, (also suitable for other mediums, such as internet, web, press)

Stream and Processing Equipments, Headends
We have experience in setting up rebroadcast headends, for redistribution via mmds, and other bands, we can assist to provide long distance data link equipments (microwave relays), to radio transmitters with various specifications.

Put it into more plain speaking, we have provided complete turnkey systems, that are setup and ready to go, with or without encryption, you simply provide the satellite feeds / input  antennas,  some specs, and we can consult and advise on a suitable system, with your output devices and antennas. We will advise on what is suitable for your needs and of course some outline costs. Some locations are only suitable for localised broadcasting.   For detailed consultations, including client visit and on-site / field analysis then additional costs will apply.

In most cases, we are able to obtain enough preliminary  information during the consultation process to give you a detailed quotation.
In instances where transmitters and antennas are being sold, then the client assumes responsibility for their correct and legal usage, we will advise you if we are aware of rules in your jurisdiction over and above those needed to pass customs and excess import rules (depending on where you are).

To run over a typical system, you would have, your input source feeds, from satellite TV, tape recordings, live studio, whatever means, this part is up to you. Give us av connections, we can work with those, satellite dish feed, no problem, tv feed no problem, all of these input sources can be modulated, then then multiplexed, encoded and then either streamed to internet, or broadcast via transmitter (including satellite broadcasts). If you wanted to take it further we can have end user equipments built and branded to order.

The benefits of using us
Why choose us to consult you on equipment, specifyand supply it for you?
 after initial consultation and subject to mutual agreement, we will provide:-

Open Invitation to broadcasters and other suppliers.
We always welcome suppliers, content providers, broadcasters, telecom operators, and entrepeaneurs to contact us and sumarise how we can mutually benefit each others businesses. As a progressive partner ORB Telemedia is always open to evolution and feedback.