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Using our test panel.

login panel

This page is all about using the account portal / test panel / with these simple instructions we tell you how to get the best out of the panel.

Our panel is a hosted voice softswitch in a data centre in the UK, it has been designed as a multifunctional modular system, that can be used for both call termination as well as origin.

This means to users familiar with panels from other companies you may see features that are not normally available, so in this guide we aim to show you the main areas of interest for operating and earning money with premium rate numbers.

Once you have been assigned your account detail, you can login to the panel, you will be provided an individual account login username and password. This username and password is unique to you it is different from the test user account that is used to login to the test panel.

For all users.    (note: resellers features, for sub accounts can be enabled or disabled even edited as desired)

Checking allocations, that is how to check what numbers have been assigned to you and the service behind, such as routing, or playback files, IVR trees, conference service and much more.
For this part click the numbers button, then click view by numbers, you will be presented with a screen which shows your allocations and the applicable payment rates that you have been given. You should check this carefully, as invoices are produced manually based on the rates we have told you, an error in this section should 

See the picture below, on this screen you can see your account, and the username in the top left of the screen, followed by a listing of the numbers assigned, to view the rate you simply hover the mouse over the blue billing group name and the rate as well as currency will be shown to you. You can further sort this list by making use of the filters, and headings buttons which can be used to sort the view.

checking rate and allocations

Call History CDR and statistics.

stats button to access historical and live call data
Use the stats button to access the live call section, check your historical data.
For example to show the progress of live calls.
Or to access historical data, checking your cdr call history and payments due to you.

The Stats Button, what it does, what you can expect to see.
To check your live call channels, ie calls in progress, click the stats button then clink the "Live Calls" link on the green menu bar.
See the menu below which shows a demonstration of 2 live calls in progress in the test panel account.

The service type shows the IVR or service expected, Polarbear is a conference service that allows you to insert pin numbers, and conference multiple calls on the same number, this service is fully functional and we can generate PIN numbers for our clients.

Playback indicates an IVR audio file is being played, depending on the service chosen, or on demand we can upload IVR audio files for clients.
Other service types include, route to gateway, route to prefix, route to customer, these options are available upon request, and once enabled clients can choose services as desired for their particular needs.

Number Types also vary, in the example below you can see that test calls were made on a number type classified as DOM : domestic premium rate number and a number type UKRS - United Kingdom Revenue Share, in the examples, the domestic rate number shown is a high rate spanish number such as used for Astro, Tarot, Adult, Dating, and Professional Services, along with a low rate UK Mobile number. The caller id is that presented by the dialing medium at the time of call, such as presented from a mobile network or voIP provider.

live test calls in progress

Using The Retail Stats Link to extract data and totals for invoices.
The stats element, reporting is where your historical data is recorded, you can look at your whole history, or for purpose of invoices you must select the time frame and billing group that you are wanting to submit an invoice for, as example different groups have different outpayment rates and dates, a UK group could be 45 days end of month, Chile 60 days end of month.

The panel runs on Zulu time, ie that is GMT without any offset for summer time.
Since we contract with global carriers and number owners directly, we need to consider for some series (we will advise), but take example Chile, the billing period is run on local time, this means to align our stats with carrier stats we have to introduce an offsetfrom zulu time to chile local time.
A  more qualified example will be placed on these pages in due course.

Other factors to consider, various groups have various payment terms as well as currency, some specific groups may have a higher nominal minimum balance than others, we will advise this to clients as required.

Once you have run the stats you can prepare invoices.
One invoice needs to be prepared per currency.
Once prepared it can be submitted for approval and we will advise payment steps.
Upon request we can also run a statement.

Also on this stats page is two blue buttons, download report and download cdrs, the CDRreport (call duration records) is the call history CLI, duration and start stop times of the calls, it is presented in CSV format,  the general report is the summary as shown on screen also presented in CSV format. You can manipulate the date and time range, as well as billing groups displayed by selecting the appropriate filter setups, this will aid in creating invoices by group or currency.

Depending on your setup, as provided by ORB Telemedia, some views and levels will be enabled or disabled.

running stats for a defined period

Creating the invoice using the stats panel and our online tool.
When you use our online invoice tool it presents a form, all fields, can be edited, an example is given below, the form automatically calculates based on the inputs you give it,  you can use the form, print it or a screen shot, and submit to us along with payment details for your traffic generated.

The form will be updated and improved upon any discrepencies cross checked, as example in the form,  the billable duration in the panel is displayed
rounded to two decimal places, but the accuracy is actually to 3 decimal places - on a large volume over several days, the end accuracy displayed on the panel is +/-  0.01 cent irrespective of whether it was 1 call or 10 000s of calls.

The invoice tool is provided for your convenience, naturally we  will accept your own invoices by email, pdf, fax, as preferred, you must always submit sufficient information to identify your account.

using our invoice generator tool

For resellers

The main part of any account for a reseller is the client relationship manager, if you have been given a reseller account, then you will be wanting to add sub accounts and sub customers, for this purpose we introduce the CRM module. In the CRM module you will normally add all your customers (and suppliers if negotiated with ORB Telemedia). The CRM lets you add, remove, enable and disable users, update their account details including login names and passwords. It is within the CRM that you add sub users, interconnects and firewalls.

Some brief highlights are shown below, and this page will be updated / refined for your convenience.
If we have agreed with you a deal to add carriers and own number groups, then the first step will be adding a supplier, the process for adding a supplier is the same as adding a client, once this is done, you will want to allocate your client some numbers and set the rate your client sees.
 crm button to control supplier and client accounts
Using the CRM button, you access the client area, some of the important areas are shown below, more assistance can be provided by staff if you are finding this difficult, as with all accounts some features are only enabled upon request. The views and restrictions are set by ORB Telemedia, and we can offer total white label solutions.

Very briefly, you add clients and suppliers using the CRM button steps, as below, you add a supplier / client, say yes to edit the detail, then fill out the entire form, including interconnect information, if you are receiving numbers from another supplier (only available with permission from us), then you would add their detail into the CRM, including firewall information if they are providing you numbers, and gateway details if you are sending them calls via IP. Within most of these options there is further drill down detail, such as sending numbers via IP with a prefix, or routing to multiple IPs and ranges, including authentication, or routing to a voice landline / mobile / other number, (which would require consideration for the call costs incurred), and so on.

Add your client / supplier.

add your client

Confirm to proceed to edit.

confirm to continue

Now Fill out all interconnect and contact Detail

supplier interconnect edit

Once you have done this element, you can then create your clients logon account detail, at this point you have various options as to what rights that client would have within your sub account, we recommend that you never give your client admin rights as some changes made here can impact your own account. However if your client, is a good strong reseller, then you would probably want to enable all fields except system admin.

Now Create your client / supplier login account and edit permissions they can use.

set login account permissions

ORB Telemedia will discuss your individual requirements in detail so you can give your own clients the information and services they deserve.
If you have any questions contact us.

Allocating Numbers, editing billing groups, and more advanced settings will be informed about within this site, and updated on these pages, in case of query ORB Telemedia, is on hand to assist, we hope you find our new site, easier to use and more informative than ever before.

Last updated July 2012. ORB Telemedia.